We believe there is opportunity to be discovered and harnessed within people and businesses today. Rebound Solutions’ mission focuses on connecting people and organizations to the opportunities they may be missing by helping them realize new potential. Whether the opportunity entails creating new business strategies, navigating through major change, or helping leadership teams optimize their capabilities, the Rebound Solutions’ team works cooperatively with your organization to create an open-minded, engaging experience where people want to work together to achieve and exceed the desired outcome.


How can we help?

Rebound Solutions delivers professional services designed to produce results through:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Change Management
  • Leadership Development and Coaching

In addition to our core offerings, we integrate or provide as individual services:

  • Project and Program Management
  • Non-Profit Board Optimization
  • Facilitation

We measure our success by your success. Assisting our clients as they Transform is the ultimate reward and the reason we do what we do.


How are we different?

To help our clients realize the most opportunistic potential, our team operates with a set of guiding principles that provide an uncompromising foundation for how we work.

We build collaborative partnerships. Building highly authentic and transparent relationships that effectively maximize a return on investment is our priority.

We love to learn and we don’t guess. Opportunities are never prescribed, but discovered jointly with our clients. We take time to understand and assess the reality through effective data analysis and research.

We transform elephants. Leadership requires understanding and taking on the very difficult issues. We identify the “elephant in the room” and work together with you to transform issues into opportunities.

Our customized methods work. Our highly effective strategic planning and change management methodologies, combined with plans engineered specifically for each client’s situation, have delivered exceptional results for our clients.

We believe in a better community. At the soul of Rebound Solutions is a deep commitment to invest in our community, which drives our team’s extraordinary passion and dedication to our clients and our work.


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